Sensors                       Your First Line of Defense

Your first line of defense against criminals, sensors can be placed at each of your home's  windows and doorways. The minute any of the sensors are triggered, you and the authorities will be alerted- 24x7x365 Days!

Burglar Alarms
  • Door and Window Sensors that          are sleek, unassuming and will blend with any décor. Tamper proof. Long battery life.

  • Wireless Motion Sensors available with Dual Technology to prevent false alarms. Sleek, compact design. Custom sensitivity and temperature sensing.

  • Wireless Temperature Sensor perform flood and temperature sensing simultaneously. Prevent high-cost damages and insurance claims from water and temperature damage. 24/7 monitoring from UL-listed central station.

  • 2-way voice

  • Indoor and Outdoor cameras

  • Glass-break detectors

  • Smoke and CO detectors

  • Lighting Controls

  • Thermostats

  • Garage Door Controls

  • Door Locks

  • Door Reinforcement

Protect your loved ones from insidious danger with our quality intrusion sensors. The moment any event triggers an alarm, you, the control panel and the monitoring center can all be alerted and authorities dispatched.

  • Door & Window sensors

  • Motion sensors

  • Wireless system