VECTOR Home Automation

Bring Convenience to Your Home

Home Automation Provides 

Convenience and Flexibility to control home systems to your schedule.  Convenient Energy-Saving scenes and schedules.  Safety and security as lights are turned on when motion is sensed or alarms are detected

Automation Convenience 

Realize the increased convenience, security and energy savings that Home Automation from Vector can provide.  Control your home from your alarm panel, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone. 

Lighting Automation Services

Vector Lighting Automation makes managing home lighting simple and convenient.  Lighting Automation from Vector allows you to setup vacation schedules for increase homed security.   Setup different lighting scenes depending on the time of day, or on the mood.   You can literally manage and control lights from any location in the world.   

Remote Garage Door Control

How anxious do you feel when you think you may have forgotten to close the garage door?  How convenient would it be if you could verify your garage door was closed while you were away at work or play?  We can help you check the status of your garage door.  Take control of your door from within the house, miles away, or anywhere in the world. 

From Anywhere in the World

Receive alerts when the garage door has been left open after occupants have left, or as the door is being opened. Verify your garage door is secure from any location.  Lock or unlock your doors from any location.  Receive alerts depending on the status of your doors.

Thermostat Control

Tired of waking up to a cold house on winter mornings?  Would you enjoy having a house that knows to turn the air conditioner on before you arrive home on a hot summer day?  All that and more is possible with a automation system installed by Vector.  Set up different scenes that are initiated by voice control or time.  The money-saving and convenience possibilities are endless.