Surveillance cameras are the epitome of security and protection for your home and business.  The breadth of capabilities and cost range has expanded to the point there are few locations, areas, or facilities for which there is not an appropriate surveillance solution.  Surveillance Systems have advanced to levels of automation, ease of management and monitoring never seen before in systems available for home and small businesses.    

Video Surveillance                     

For Business

Video Surveillance provides many benefits to the business owner.  Use video to protect against and prosecute criminal perpetrators from outside and within the company.  Cameras can be used to provide a safer and more profitable workplace.  Purchasing video surveillance for your place of business can be economical and can provide a great return on investment. 

For the Home

CCTV Cameras from Analog to 4K resolution.  CCTV can act as a huge deterrent to criminal activity.  Criminals tend to focus on soft targets.  When they notice the presence of video surveillance in your home they are more likely to move on to an easier target.    The best way to keep your home, loved ones and possessions safe is to prevent your home from being targeted by criminals. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

Many insurance providers today offer discounted insurance rates when you buy surveillance cameras for your home or small business. 

Employee Theft

Use video surveillance to provide evidence during prosecutions of “inside jobs”.  According to the Department of Commerce, approximately 75% of employees steal.  Cameras provide some of the best forensic evidence of past criminal acts, as well as help prevent future acts. 

Workflow Monitoring

Are your employees actually putting in a productive 8 hour day?  Video Monitoring is especially helpful for retail business owners who can use monitoring to find out if they're over- or understaffed.  

Safer Workplace - Avoid Lawsuits

Prevent petty lawsuits by providing video evidence of employee/customer incidents.  Provide video coverage of entrances, perimeters and parking lots to prevent loitering.  Protect against unwanted intruders while also providing a safe environment for both customers and employees. 

Monitor Loved Ones

Supervise the activities of children, elderly, pets and other loved ones.  Monitor caretakers, housekeepers, contractors and deliveries.

Monitor Home

Prevent unwanted access to entryways, pools, and back yards.  Monitor street and sidewalk frontage. 

Let Vector install tactically placed surveillance cameras and provide monitoring from your security system.  View live video, or video of past events.  Receive email or text alerts of events real-time. 

Professional Video Monitoring

While there are many brands of security cameras on the market today, when you have your cameras monitored by Vector’s UL Listed partner monitoring station, certified video analysts will respond right away with dispatch of authorities if appropriate

Monitor Front Door Visitors

Avoid interruptions during dinner, missing package deliveries and unwanted visitors to your front door.   View and speak to all visitors at your door, whether you’re home, at work or a thousand miles away.  With Vector, know your front steps are continually protected, no matter where you are.